Blim in Motion ! 2007


AMM56A (1963) Bedford J2SZ10 . Plaxton Embassy C20F. Ex-Bailey . Wembley . Seen ? After being in Travellers hands this bus was supposed to have been preserved & used in the Heartbeat TV programme ? But its looking pretty hippyfied here in its last known paint job , recently sold maybe in the Bristol area and the anoraks would like to know to whom / where etc ??. Photo = Bigal Davies ... who I hope doesn't object to my using his image ?

From Bedford Blim J2 , J3 & J4 Buses

  • 14223,jfl93d,bedford,j4ez1,reading,guernsey
  • 14223,jfl93d,bedford,j4ez1,reading
  • two100h,bedford,j2,plaxton
  • amm56a,bedford,j2sz10,plaxton

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