Firey End for Blim ...April 2011


AMM56A (1963) Bedford J2SZ10 . Plaxton Embassy C20F. Ex-Bailey . Wembley . Seen 4.11 Bristol . At least the occupant got out ok , shame about her dog .. bus anoraks were more interested in getting their paws on the chassis at the time ! Had been owned by Mark 'Ati' , then a tv star in Heartbeat before returning to Traveller's ownership .

From Bedford J2 'Blims' , J3 & J4 Buses

  • peg277g,bedford,j2sz10,plaxton
  • 651djj,bedford ,j4lz2,willowbrook
  • paw514g,bedford,j2sz10,willowbrook
  • lrm829l,21rn59,bedford,j3,strachan

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