Lianne's J2 on Claremont Road . Bradford 1999


VVV497L (1972) Bedford J2SZ10 . Willowbrook C19F. Ex-Collins . Northampton . Seen 1999 Claremont Site . Bradford . Once owned by Andy Wilcott prior to being converted & owned by Arr ..who sold it to Lianne .Seen in a John Peel 1999 programme on musicians in various towns . On Youtube he can be seen enjoying a cuppa in it & then witnessing it being hot-ragged for the 1st time in 3 years to try .. & go to a gig ! Sold to another Traveller who cut it up on the same site . Photo = Crispian Barker .

From Bedford J2 Blims J3 & J4 Buses

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