'Free Stonehenge Now' Embassy c 1985


reg? Bedford SB . Plaxton Embassy C41F. Seen 1985 Bishops Castle , En-route to Cantlin Stone . Apparently called the 'sharks bus' and was owned buy a guy called Alex , there were ten of folks living on it at the time . It was the first bus Gary lived on . It was called the sharks bus not cos it looked like a shark but because we were a bunch of ... Bob also lived on it as well Jessie and Jamie , Big Pete , Bones , Hynie , Clive . Ziggi . Dee.and more.... All the partitions & furniture were fed to the Ray burn so there was more floor space for beds , which just left a chair and a table for old Bob to play cards on . During the journey to Cantlin Stone when rounding a corner Alex slammed on the brakes cos of cows on the road and every thing : people , beds table and chair with Bob still sitting on it sliding to the front and ending up all squashed in the cab of the bus . Maybe the only photo taken of the bus ? not many would dare try !. Photo = Bedfordval200

From Bedford 'SB' Plaxton-Panorama & Embassy & Consort

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