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Welcome to my website showing the imaginative way folks from the 1970's - have adapted various sorts of transportation to serve as living …

ISBN 9781445604237 . Amberley Publishing Co.

Travelling Daze Book

Alan Dearling / Enabler Publications

Message to (Ex) Travellers & Farcebook Users

This website started with my own archive and has grown thanks to other folks photos , which I don't have permission to share elsewhere . …

Want to buy or sell a rig, or had one nicked?

Looking for that 'Dream Home' or want to shift the one you have? Or find out whose sticky mitts had yours away.

Fellow Travellers

Young & Old Folks , Sprogs , Spikey n Fluffy ..

Men in all shapes, sizes, ages, skirts...

Travelling Wimmin of all ages, condition and temperament

Park Royal , East Lancs , Massey , MCCW ..

Southall Built Civil & Military Vehicles

Matador , Militant , Mercury , Mammoth ..

Built In Scotstown & Albion 'Badged'

Narrow Bodied Buses For The Channel Islands .

Scotstown's Finest

Scotland's Finest . Later absorbed and suffocated by Leyland ...

8 x 8 Ex-MoD Fuel Thirsty Amphibians

Coach Lining To Complete Bodywork Artwork

Some travelling artists such as Dave Panit and Julian are still active in the UK & Europe .

Dinky 14 Seater K8s

Clown's CVS 13/5 . 2 K8 VC's as Traveller's Homes . Plus one lorry chassis .

M.C . FX Taxi , LD Ambulance , WF, BRS VAK100 Noddy.

Ex-Army 4x4 Radio Units etc.

Many Converted To Recovery Vehicles For Civilian Use