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Welcome to my website showing the imaginative way folks from the 1970's - have adapted various sorts of transportation to serve as living …

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Message to (Ex) Travellers & Farcebook Users

This website started with my own archive and has grown thanks to other folks photos , which I don't have permission to share elsewhere . …

Want to buy or sell a rig, or had one nicked?

Looking for that 'Dream Home' or want to shift the one you have? Or find out whose sticky mitts had yours away.

Fellow Travellers

Young & Old Folks , Sprogs , Spikey n Fluffy ..

Men in all shapes, sizes, ages, skirts...

Travelling Wimmin of all ages, condition and temperament

aec southall

Associated Equipment Company , Southall

Normal & Ex-BEA 1 1/2 Decker Coaches

Park Royal , East Lancs , Massey , MCCW ..

aec southall

Matador , Militant , Mercury , Mammoth ..

Scotstoun's finest...

Built In Scotstoun , Scotland . Often exported to UK colonies and popular on the Channel Islands .

Scotstown's Finest

Scotland's Finest . Later absorbed and suffocated by Leyland ...

8 x 8 Ex-MoD Fuel Thirsty Amphibians

designs etc

All-over paint-jobs or smaller images & icons . Some travelling artists such as Dave Panit and Julian are still active in the UK & Europe .

Dinky 14 Seater K8s

Clown's CVS 13/5 . 2 K8 VC's as Traveller's Homes . Plus one lorry chassis .

Austin trucks

M.C . FX Taxi , LD Ambulance , WF, BRS VAK100 Noddy.

Often Ex-Army Radio Units

MOD Radio Shacks & Cargo 4x4 .


Vintage OB's Etc..


J2 = Willowbrook Duple Plaxton C16/20 . J4 = Duple Reading C30/35

Duple 41 Seater Coaches Also Later Dominant Style .

Petrol & Diesel . Duple 41 Seater Coaches

Often Ex-Govt , MOD Vehicles etc.

SB G , 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Mainly Plaxton and Duple coachwork, occasionally Harrington or Burlingham etc.

Vaxhaul's twin steer coaches

Bedford's Twin Steer Coaches . Plaxton & Duple

Duple , Plaxton & Willowbrook Bodied . Very Few Have Survived for Collectors to store in sheds ..

VAS, 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5

Bodied by Plaxton , Duple & Willowbrook

Plaxton Duple or Marshall bodied .

Taking books & goods to the public !

Bodied by Anglo , Binnie , Barnaby , Cocker , CSC . etc


Ambulance , Campervan , Minibus ..

Usually destined for the MOD

Military Replacement for RL

Military 4x4 & Civilian 4x2

Ex-MOD & Civil Protection Green Goddess & AFS Vehicles

(Pre-TK) J1 , 2 , 3 Ambulance , WalkThru etc..

24 Oct 2018

Crew Cabbed Works Units

Post TJ and Pre-TL and TM series

Busby's Yellow Friend

18 Mar 2018

Often Wooden . Sometimes Oakley

18 Mar 2018

Furniture & Removals Co. Boalloy , Marsden , VanPlan etc.

TL Replaced TK/KM Civil MK and odds.

tarps n tings

Makeshift or Semi-permanant, 1 tarp or 20... endless possibilities!

Reputable French Company

A family firm that had post WW2 problems , merged with Renault in 1975 .

US School Bus builder

British Motor Company

Bus's , Trucks & Ambulances

messing around on water

Permanent boat dwellers , as opposed to holidaymakers.

24 Feb 2017


MW . LHS . SC4LK . SUL4A . FLF . VRT .

German Co.


Often destined for a short lifespan when modified internally & dragged from site to site !

Yank ...

01 Nov 2018

Special Builds

French 'corrigated' vans etc

French Mobile Corrugated Vans etc..

commer rootes group

The Rootes group.

Prior to Merger With Leyland .


The bus version, not the limousine!

Or how not to convert an old wreck !!

History of one hippy's never ending struggle with his knackered lorry !

Darts , Dominator's , Falcons , Javelin , Trident / AVI ..

Known for Fire Engines & Dustcarts .

Fire Tenders & Emergency Units . Not easy to convert !

US Army Tank Transporter T980 or T986 Wrecker .

Dodge (& Those Badged As Renault) PSV & Mini-bus . Popular With GLC & MOD

Dodge 500 & Carmichael K850 K1113

Ex-Gas , Electricity Board etc.

28 Oct 2018

Ex-British Rail , Horse Box's Etc.

As in Woof Woof !

Very occasionally I snapped travellers 'best friends' as well .

German tractor units

Solid 60+ tonner units.

Foden family Breakaway

Son of Foden Co, set up on his own to make lorries. Now defunct.

Threepeny Bit Cabs

Deafening bone-rattling mayonnaise machines! but cheap so popular ..

12 Mar 2018

Track Gang Transport & Mobile T Shed

12 Mar 2018

BMC Austin FGK Crew-Cabbed

13 Mar 2018

Leyland FG's Popular With Traveller's

leyland fg minibus

Ex-School , Police , County Council Transport

Italien material

Fiat often badged as Iveco / Ford in Europe as well .

Made at Sandbach

Fibreglass 'Micky Mouse' S20 Cabins etc.

Burlingham , Duple , Harrington , Marshall & Plaxton Bodied .


R192 , R226 , R1014 , R1114

Pre-Iveco Ownership

Dagenham Fords ..

14 Sep 2018

Van & Ambulance

Dagenham's Trucks

ET6 Such As Post WW2 Civil Defence Control Units .

Russian Military Trucks

American Trash

Not exactly common our side of the Atlantic !!


'Feathers In Our Caps'(Radiator Cap's Indian's Head Emblem)

guy trucks

The 'Non-Feathered' Guy output!

german manufacture.

Rare in the uk . In Europe several types of minibus & vans & military AL28 4x4 .


Bow Tops , Spinners , Trolleys etc , all using Horse(s) Power

dangerous 4x4's !

Military 4x4 GS Light Armoured Vehicles .

Russian Army

East European Military Surplus

Cunliffe , Mellor , Robin Hood etc bodywork

25 Oct 2018

Iveco Badged Cargo

Traveller Modelling !

Roots group

The Roots Group's Karrier models.

Roots group

Part of the Roots group with Commer

Ukrainian Military Trucks

Solid 4x4's.

General Purpose 4x4 & Military Ambulances .

leyland bus & coach

PD TN Titan , AN Atlantean , ONL Olympian , FN Fleetline .

Often Ex-London Borough Buses

Ex-Leyland Daf Vans . After GAZ ownership closed in 2008 .

leylands from leyland

Boxer , EA , Hippo , LD , Martian , Terrier , Sherpa etc ..

Leyland & DAF Merger = Catastrophic !

Czech Made Trucks

No idea about them , just came across an abandoned one in france !


Large & Small Living Sites & Free Festivals 1970s-

US Military Material


Common in Europe , Rare in the UK

MCW Daimler London Transport etc.

German built buses and coaches

Usually More Colourful Than White Merco. Vans !

vans , trucks , ex-military , etc

Thankfully Not All Plain White Vans ..

Ex-Forces & Fire Service Units .

Not A UK Vehicle , imported by European Travellers

20 Mar 2018

Diesel-Electric Milk Float !

Take a rig and mutate it!

Mutated Metal Sculpture , often mobile . now based in the UK & Italy

Various Makes of Ex-PSV & Commercial Vehicles Used On The Island .

Omni or Omnvi as in UFO in French !!

German Company

Ashok Leyland Company

Well known french manufacturer .

French J7 & J9 Vans & Minibus


ACAB ?? Give a human a uniform and watch the result.

Czech & Eastern European Army

Czech Military Surplus .

3 wheeler deathtraps

Who needs hands when you can just lean into corners ..

French company sometimes badged as Dodge.

French revenge for Agincourt ?

Renault - Dodge in Uk . Popular in France ..

American military gas guzzler

Used by US forces and their mates as general purpose troop carries etc ..

Military 4x4's .

Swiss Made

Made In Switzerland .

French Conglomerate Manufacturer

A combination of 3 French Manufacturers .

Tractor Unit's Manufactured in Watford .

Heavy Haulage Tractors Ex-Pickfords & Shell etc.

Viking Public Transport

European models not seen in the UK

Vikings in Europe

Well reputed trucks .

seddon atkinson

Two Reputable UK Companies That Later Merged Before Disappearing In The 1990's

Seddon Peninne Bus's

Seddon's PSV output

Pre-Atkinson Merger Vehicles

Prior To Merging As Seddon-Atkinson .

Setra was the Marketing name for Kassbohrer Coaches , Now part of Daimler


Well known for bin lorries and drain emptiers, so not common as living vehicles.

1950/60's wagons

1930-50's Molly-Crofted Wagons & Modern Trailers .

Austrian Co.

Austrian - Hungarian Co.

Short Lived 4x4 Production

Summer Solstice Festivals Until 1984


For years we were banned from holding Summer Solstice gatherings, but Winter Solstice, Spring and Autumn Equinox ones continued until the …

03 Jul 2019


Mainly military/fire service vehicle manufacturer.

Specialist 6x6 Military & Fire Vehicles

Toyota Caetano

Rare Blim Bus Manufacturer .

unidentified vehicles

UTV's Unidentified Traveller's Vehicles (any suggestions welcome)

Mercedes 4x4 Models

Portugese Made via UK Licence

3 UTIC-Leylands were imported into the uk for some reason ..

Good Swedish engines, poor cabs !

Reliable Swedish Engine . Shame about rotten cabins

East German & Soviet Army Vehicles .