Gui's Regent V On Tow . France 2018

afn766b,aec,regent5,park royal

AFN766B (1964) AEC Regent V 2D3RA Park Royal H40/32F. Ex-East Kent . Seen 2018 . Gui had bought the decker with the intention of making it into a home .. not sure where it was going but zero progress has been made since 2015 .. Photo = Gui

From AEC Routemaster , Regent V & Renown Deckers

  • ctt510c,aec,regentv,park royal
  • fjf38d,aec,renown,3b3ra,east lancs
  • ctt510c,aec,regent v,park royal
  • ckh780c,aec,renown,3b3ra,park royal

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