Tim & Zippy's Vega At Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989


ENP324B 552LOV (1964) Bedford SB5 . Duple Bella Vega C41F . Ex-Hancock . Birmingham . Seen 3.8.89 Liskeard . Cornwall . During the festival its burgundy paint-job was 'transformed' by the 'Doc'. Sold to Becks in the same year , she sold it to Jade in 1990 , he used parts from another Bella Vega to keep it roadworthy , before selling to Howarth & Morag in 1995 . During a site move it suffered injection pump failure & whilst on the roadside a collector swapped it for a decker ACU425B . As to the fate of their bus .. Photo = Dave Fawcett

From Bedford SB5 Duple Vega . Vista. Bella Vega.Firefly

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