Sue's Q4 Tow Starting Mike's Viceroy 1989


RYX393 (1955) Commer Q4 . Ex-AFS . Mann Eggerton Hose Layer . Seen 21.11.89 Market Bosworth Site . Leics. Sue bought the Q4 at Measham auctions & left it on our Midlands site before Freeno drove it to Devon . So it was put to various usages tow starting Mike and Clare’s Viceroy one winter morning . Later useful in dragging a huge boulder out of the entrance to a canal wharf site on xmas eve .. the only time I've seen a Q4 'airborn' due to the effort in getting the rock moving !! Sue later converted it into a living rig . Photo = Dave Fawcett

From Commer Q4 = AFS Hose & Bikini Units Or MoD

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