Louise's K9 At Sodbury Common Festival 1991


Q348GVC RFO328 Austin K9 . Ex-MoD . Seen 27.5.91 Avon . The garage who'd originally converted it had added a row of spots to the rear of the cabin . Louise sold it to Chinky , who passed it onto Andy (Skippy) in Cornwall , who put a Bedford 330 into it before selling to Mark . He replaced the crane with an aluminium ballast tray to tow his Vickers & changed the reg to RFO328 . Then it went to Scottish Sandy who put an ex-BT box onto it , selling to Hannah Blim , who took it to Germany & sold it to Rancid Pete when she'd returned to the UK . Photo = Dave Fawcett

From Austin K9 Series 2 & 3

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